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Can a Fanatec employee please confirm if the support ticket I submitted is on your system. I received no confirmation (I was told there should be a green box and messaging after clicking submit), As a result I submitted a second ticket in case the first failed, only to find again there was no confirmation message or email. Apologies if there are two identical tickets. Please delete one of them and ideally update your website so confirmation is provided.

Many thanks.


  • Trying to figure out the same so I dont submit a duplicate lol

  • Amazing, since May 2022 Fanatec still hasn’t fixed their customer support I had 3 RMAs on my DD Pro and everytime it was a shot in the dark. 3rd base seems to be fine but I got out of the relationship and sold my DD Pro, didn’t want to risk this timebomb.

    Good luck to everyone who is counting on customer support, I really mean that, because it was really terrible, had to wait weeks for a reply and weeks without wheel while they tried to solve issues. I wanted to love Fanatec but how can it be that I received two defective products in a row, how can it be that still they have supply problems and still so many people with problems. I am just super skeptical now of this company. Maybe 2023 is a better year.

  • I'm also in the same boat, My Boost Kit 180 started showing signs of component failure in late December (less than 1yr after purchase with limited use). I've filled in the online support forms a few times but not once did I get an automated response to say that it had been received (the bare minimum I would have expected). 2 weeks later (OK, Christmas shutdowns likely affected the response time) but still nothing. I then directly emailed the customer support address and again no automated response with a ticket ID or anything like that. Having dealt with technical support at a number of tech companies, my experience thus far ranks among some of the worst I've experienced.

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    Your tickets have not been sent. When the ticket is received, Fanatec sends an automatic email to your inbox. If you have not received this email, you have not submitted the ticket.

    All forms must be completed, including those relating to firmware and drivers. If the filled form is not coherent, after sending the form itself turns red and must be typed again. If everything is in order, a screen informs you that the report has been accepted and you will receive a confirmation email.

  • You do realize that last year before summer their support email inbox got full and they also disconnected their telephone support number? I think we can assume that these guys did complete the support request and something failed from Fanatec side which meant they didn’t receive the confirmation email….to me that is the more likely scenario.

  • I just tried again and made sure everything was filled in correctly. Still no confirmation. I guess I will have to pester Fanatec's live chat.... What a mess.

  • Alessandro is correct, if you didn't get an automated reply, it probably didn't go through. My first attempt failed, but my second worked.

    Also note that they allow you to upload files to help assist the ticket, like log files and such. If you downloaded the log files from the device, it saves them in zip folder, and a lot of corporate emails block zip files from being sent. So it could be that any zip files you uploaded are getting blocked so try just .txt files instead if you aren't having luck with .zip.

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