No answer a support request 3 times? Say no, acceptable? Say nothing makes me leave not in sillence

My problem: Quick release is very stiff which makes me put a lot of force while removing a steering wheel.

That's why I broke my USB cable connector on the button module. My button module is out of warranty. No problem. I want to pay?

First I write an e-mail to let's call it global support. They tell me that I am at the wrong desk. I have to log in to the portal use the button module serial number etc. I did that already a while ago. However. I never got an answer at all. Silence only.

I opened the module. It is a simple but specific USB cable. I can replace it myself. Can I buy this cable at Fanatec?

Is it so difficult to be supportive? And if not. Why not simply say No?

Maybe I get an answer here?

Kind regards,

Paul Dohmen

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