CSL DD Motor Firmware 0

hello, I’ll get right to it.

CSL DD, Podium Hub, PBME, Porsche Wheel, 8nm boost kit.

I was on Driver 439. Driving in AC, PBME ITM screen shuts off and on. Then flashes Warning ⚠️ Update Firmware.

PBME greyed out in Fanatec Firmware Manager. Manual option also greyed out when checkbox on the top right selected.

long story short: I updated to 447…same thing, downgraded to several other versions trying to get to a point where the PBME would be recognized but I think I downgraded the base without applying firmware to the motor first and I now have a motor that doesn’t communicate with the base. The Motor firmware stuck at 0.

am I boned? I’ve seen the forum post here with the uninstall instructions in device manager. Didn’t help me.

I’ve tried a different PC, same results.

I have already contacted Support and I’m fully expecting to send it for support.

It’s a long shot, but is there anyone who has saved their CSL DD with the same scenario? Motor Firmware 0. It hangs and then crashes with the error asking a bunch of questions and recommending to reach out to support.

There’s this Maurice Boschen dude I’ve seen post around here…you seem to know wtf ur talking about.

Hopefully you see this, may just DM you.

Hopefully 🤞 someone has rescued their base from this state im in.

thanks in advance. Cheers everyone

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