CSL Elite Pedals V2 issue in GT7

Im having issues with my CSL Elite Pedals V2 then playing Gran Turismo 7. Basically they do not work.

I noticed the issue on Saturday 14th January 23, basically when I try and play GT7 the pedals do not work, in the Game, I tries again today but again the same issue. The car steers with the wheel and all the buttons work on the wheel.

Im wondering if this is to do with the fix Poly done on Friday 13th Jan 23 for the ps4 issues, as it was all working fine prior the the fix

I have checked all the connections from the Wheel Base to the Pedals. All file, plus they have not moves as they mounted on a Sim Rig.

I have the DD Pro Wheelbase and a Clubsport Steering Wheel RS, Firmware im using us 447 and playing on a PS5.

Does anyone know of a fix?


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