DD1 wheel spinning on its own

Has anyone had this issue? DD1 with formula wheel has a mind of its own. On startup sometimes it spins at full torque and sometimes it is fine until I’m in the middle of a race and it starts pulling one way or the other to the point I have to let go. Bout ripped my shoulder out one time. Here are some links to my YouTube videos on it. Fanatec told me to disconnect QUick releases and verify wiring is connected and all is fine and double checked the ring clamp gap lines up with gap on shaft perfectly. Any advice? All fanatec could come up with is disconnect reconnect update firmware which is most current and check all screws are tight.


  • Anyone has any suggestions? I do not believe it to be firmware related. I’m suspecting a motor sensor issue. Going through all the hoops with support currently. But if it is something I can fix on my end it would be preferred.

  • Seriously. Not one other person has had this happen? I’m the first fanatec owner that the wheel goes crazy on. Very hard to believe that.

  • Thats definitely a broken positional sensor so nobody other than the technical support can help you.

  • Lol. It’s funny. I suggested this to support and they told me to try a different firmware. I stayed in the email I even tried 448 beta fw. And the very next email was to try 448 beta lol. Makes me wonder if the support emails aren’t just automated until 4-5 emails later. I’m trying to be patient and go through all the hoops to get them to repair or replace my unit that was DOA but it’s getting hard. Waited for a month to receive after purchase just for it not to work. I’m sure I’ll be taken care of but getting to that point seems to take a while.

  • I had a similar issue. Sent it back and a replacement was sent out. Only took a few weeks to get sorted.

    I could see the position sensor issue in the fanatec control panel that showed the wheel position. Basically if I turned the wheel the wheel position on screen just jumped about.

    hipe you get it sorted quickly.

  • Yea thanks im going on week 3-4 but at least they received it a few days ago so can hopefully verify the issue and send out a replacement. Almost 3 months since I ordered it now and haven’t been able to use it once since.

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