Lower BRF and lower BS or higher BRF and higher BS?

I have a hard time finding what works best for me regarding brake settings. But the specific settings I have a question about is what is at least theoretically the best option?

For instance in F1 (using ABS for now). I can drive very well (and comfortable) using BRF 30 and Brake Saturation (BS) 0. But I can as well use BRF 40 and BS 10+-10 and BRF 50 BS 30+-10.

Using no ABS (especially in the wet) I find higher BRF tend to be easier but also the higher the BS setting the worse it seems. So what would be my best option? Use BRF 40 BS 10 or BRF 50 BS 30. Or does it not make much difference? How high would you at most set BS (and similar setting in other games) to before it becomes detrimental?


  • BRF controls the level of output from the load cell sent to the game.

    BS amplifies in game the input signal from the load cell.

    You ideally want to set the signal level such that desired maximum foot pressure reaches 100% brake level in game using the calibration screens in game.

    You could adjust either or both to do this however its generally thought best to maximize signal out of the pedals first (BRF) and then amplify if necessary (BS) - a weak input signal has less dynamic range, more noise potential than a strong one, just as in a music system.

    ABS clips the signal to avoid lock up so you could have too strong a signal with ABS on compared to off.

    for F1 I run about 70 on BRF with a fairly stiff setting on my V3 pedals and no BS or ABS in game.

    You can adjust Brake Linearity to give more range at the low end, increasing more rapidly at the high end if you prefer a bit more control initially.

  • Thanks for the reply. Appreciated.

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