Réparation DD1

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I have engine firmware 0 on the DD1

I have already tried a lot of things but impossible to communicate with the engine

With the 336 driver I still have force feedback without the fan being at 100%

I would like to have it repaired but as it is a 2nd hand I do not have the invoice to claim the guarantee

Some of you have already repaired a DD1 for the same kind of problem and for what price?



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    Please post in English according to the forum rules so everyone understands you and is able to help you.

    When the motor firmware is 0 then you need to contact the support. There is no way to get a broken motor which does not report the proper FW to the base running again without a repair. As you dont have the original invoice, you will need to pay for the repair.

  • Thank you for your answer
    I already knew that but I'm mainly trying to find out how much this repair costs without the warranty

  • I'm sorry Matthieu, I have a similar case to yours, my DD1 stopped working after updating the system, I have asked them to sell me the spare part so that I can repair it since I am outside the USA, but they refuse to sell it to me.

    By the way, I need the PCB for the DD1, if anyone has it for sale?

  • This is what i got from them when their update software bricked my dd1.....throw it away for me🤣🤣🤣

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