2 Month Old Podium DD1 Randomly Shutting Down

Fairly new Podium wheel has been working great until recently. It's been shutting down after about 45 minutes of racing. Turns back on no problems, start racing, shuts down again after 20 minutes. Thought the power supply might be getting over heated but its barely warm to the touch. This is a new issue, just popped up in the last couple of days.


  • Ok, so I DO think I overheated the power supply causing the Podium DD1 to shut down. I am not totally convinced but I relocated the power supply and put a fan on it. I haven't had the issue resurface...yet, fingers crossed. Something to be aware of.

  • I'm still getting these random shutdowns in the middle of a race. Pretty frustrating. I might be able to play for 45 minutes to an hour, perhaps a little longer but not much. I start from zero again once I give it some time. If I try to boot right back up it disconnects again in 15 -20 minutes. I've relocated my power supply so it has adequate ventilation. Does anyone have anhy ideas what's causing this?? I just bought this Podium F1 system new and got it a few days before Christmas. No way this should be happening with a $1300 wheel system.

  • It could be a case of electromagnetic interference (EMI).

    It would be appropriate to contact support and open a ticket.

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