Podium Racing Wheel F1 Bundle DD1

Can someone please help me get this thing setup for my PS5? I can’t even get the Fanatec control panel to recognize my device. I’ve changed USB ports, uninstall and reinstall the newest driver, forced flash the firmware, literally everything the website says for troubleshooting with no luck. Their customer service is non existent and I work a 3rd shift job and only have Friday’s off. Help please. Thank you in advance for any info anyone can provide before I decide to just send it back and get a refund.


  • Just a quick question, have you changed the compatibility on the Podium Wheelbase? Because, if its not set to PC it will not detect your peripherals.

  • Help! I use and love Maurice's Iracing profiles. They rock! However: when I load up any Nascar Cars/trucks the wheel oscillate out of control as soon as I start the car and it feels super heavy to drive or like it doesn't power steering. Any ideas?

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