Is Fanatec coming out with a wireless base ?

I wonder if fanatec has plans to come out with a wireless base ? Simucube, Moza, Simagic have them. Just curious ???


  • Where do Simucube, Moza, Simagic have a wireless base?!🤔

    They have to be connected via USB like every other base.

    There is nothing like a wireless base....

  • The wireless part of all bases are just to remove the wire from the steering wheel to the computer.

    Fanatec already uses a wireless technology inside DD bases to allow infinite rotation and remove the USB cable to a steering wheel. Like Simucube, Fanatec wheels don't require a battery to make it work.

  • What I mean is wireless wheels, In the control panel of windows you see 2 fanatec bases which kinda puzzels me. Where Moza only has 1 base and the wheel which connects wireless and it doesnt take up and extra axis. This is important to the older games that only support 2 axis. Like Nascar 2003 for example. Fanatec works great on this old game but . You have to plug everything into the base for it to work. This also means you cant run another pedal set. Because that would need to go in usb and then its another axis.

  • The wheels are already wireless.... There is no USB cable needed like on some other bases.

    The two USB device entries in the Gamecontroller panel are both for the base, not for the wheel and is needed to handle all the many different Buttons as one usb device can only handle 64 different Inputs but on Fanatec wheels over 100 are needed on some wheels which is only possible with 2 USB device entries. But as said that is both for the base itself.

    So I still dont get your point...

  • the base uses 2 inputs by having the 2 usb devices . Nascar 2003 ONLY allows 2 inputs. So I can run fanatec gear but it all has to be plugged into the base. Then it stays as 2 input devices , again it shows the base/base . If I was to get a different pedal set , other then fanatec . I would have to plug them into a usb and then it would make it 3 total . The base/base and now the brakes. That wont work on Nascar 2003.

    Now With Moza or Simagic or Simucbe . The base is only 1 where fanatec has 2 ( the base/base ) The wheels are wireless so theres no inputs from them and I'm still at 1 input with these bases. That allows me to run any pedal set and not be restricted only to fanatec gear.

    So I guess its the double base/device which is preventing some from using a different pedal set.

    I know a guy who uses a Thrustmaster t300 and that base is only 1 input and he uses Sprints with it. 1 base 1 pedal = 2 inputs .

    Hope this clears things up . I know its a little confusing and not many play Nascar 2003 anymore, but this is the situation for us who play Nascar 2003 and the new sims.

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    That clears things up but wont change as not possible to change this Situation which is a limitation by the game.

  • Sure it does lol. I buy one of the others and then I can use any pedal I want , and I can still play the old sim and new. Not sure if i will but thats my options.

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    Then you will need to go with a different brand when you want to drive with different pedals in this one specific game.

  • Or you can make your non-fanatec pedals take ID=1 while Fanatec wheelbase takes ID=2 and ID=3. The game should also work recognizing only one Fanatec ID.

    I can't say about Nascar 2003, but on the old Race07 and GTR2, which only allow 3 peripherals, I was able to use non-Fanatec USB pedals and shifters combined with CSL DD wheelbase forcing CSL DD in position 3 and 4.

  • I have a Porsche 911 Turbo that was wireless. It used a USB transmitter/receiver. The transmitter/receiver had to be exchanged in order for it to be PS3 compatible. Unfortunately as the years progressed (12 to be exact) the transmitter/receiver started to get weaker and weaker where it got to the point where it had to be put on top of the base. There was no other way of using the base itself without that transmitter/receiver. That was one of the reasons why I finally upgraded my base, other than the allure of having a DD base. So, that said, I'd never buy another wireless base even if it was available.

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