Are there new products coming in late 2023?

As CEO of fanatec in a recent vid mentioned new products we’re coming in 2023…and to those that will reply about Bentley wheel etc… no not those products…but it seemed like a whole new line up of things were coming…

so curious, as I don’t want to spend on all key categories ie. Dd wheelbase, shifter, wheels, pedals etc, only to find out a few months later that I could have spent a lil more and bought all new lines of products… so just trying to see what might be coming down the pipeline… I just need to hear from someone if there is a new set of products coming or not…I don’t even need details just that there are products coming, so I can make a conscious decision on my purchases :). Thx


  • Maybe, maybe not. Nobody can know this.

  • I just saw a post in another thread here that there was a reply from the Fanatec representative that the Podium Pro F1 kit was discontinued but you'll be (I'm paraphrasing) "excited about the new products that will be coming out." So, definitely a new DD Pro F1. I'm thinking definitely the Bentley wheel, the WRC wheel, and I'm guessing wheels with different displays and backlit buttons to compete with other brands. Of course the QR2 in Podium and Club Sport variety.

  • Came here to ask the same thing… any word on any new wheel bases coming? A DD1 with the smooth motor tech of the CSL would be awesome.

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