V3 electrifies my Rig

First of all, my English is not the best, so I hope you can understand it.

I have an electrical problem with my Fanatec setup. The setup consists of a Fanatec GT DD Pro Base 8nm with V3 pedals mounted on a Trak Racer Rig.

I got an electric shock when I sitting in the rig and touched my heater... and for a few weeks I've had the problem that my Base sporadically fails for a few milliseconds, no ffb, nothing for a few ms, my endurance modul reset to the normal mode with Speed and shifter in the OLED. I measured and found that there is a few volts on my Rig. I disconnected the base from the power supply, but the voltage persisted, I pulled out every single USB plug and when I pulled the USB plug from the Base, the voltage was gone. Then focused on the Base and this is what happened:

Base + USB cable + Pedals without power cable = voltage is present.

Base + power cable + pedals without USB cable = voltage is present.

Base + Pedals without USB and Power = Voltage is gone

Base + USB cable + power cable without pedals = voltage is gone.....

When i shut down the Computer the voltage is present its only the Fanatec setup that electrifies my Rig

When i disconnect the pedals from the base the voltage gone... so the pedals are to Problrm but why? How can this happen?


  • I have your same setup, TR160, also shifter SQ...never had anything like that but as a common practice rule I've grounded everything....I have wires hooked to one end of the TR160 side bar (remove the plastic cover and you have some free threaded hooking points), one to the DDPro base going all through one of the mounting point of the wheelbase itself.

    One is hooked to the pedal plate.

    Another one is going from the shifter body and bracket....all converging in the TR160 side bar hooking point...from here a single wire hooked to a wall plug, having only the earth pin and the other 2 removed of course.

    Yes it's redundant, I overdid it but it was fun.

    I believe you can find several pictures about this, mine's too, search the forum for 'rig grounding' or shifter issues and so on...I don't remember exactly at the moment.

    Maybe it's not even your issue and there is something wrong in your pedal set or in any of the power cable you're using for the different equipment like the wheelbase power brick or the pc....or something in your wall outlet....have you tried to use a different one? if there's none available in the same room use an extension cord or a multiple power plug extension brick.

    It's a hit and miss, you have to try this and that to nail it....but looks to me something related to poor (or none at all) grounding.


  • Your electrical installation has grounding issues.

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