Clubsport V3 Pedals not detected by wheelbase when using PS5

Hi - I am unable to use my Clubsport V3 Pedals using the following products through my PS5:

-Podium DD1 Wheelbase (PS Compatible) - updated with latest firmware

-Formula V2.5x wheel (PS compatible when using the wheelbase above) - updated with latest firmware

I have verified that the wheelbase and wheel work great (have tried on ACC, F1, GT7), but the pedal icon on the wheelbase display does not light up when I plug the RJ12 cable into it (I've confirmed that I am ONLY using the RJ12 and not plugging in the USB at the same time, and have confirmed that the RJ12 is indeed plugged into the pedal port on the wheelbase). The pedals seem to work just fine when plugged into the PC via USB.

I thought that this may have been an issue with my RJ12 cable (ordered a new one showing up tomorrow), but to make matters more confusing, I plugged in the RJ12 into my wheelbase while the wheelbase was connected to my PC - and the pedals show up in the fanatec control panel (v3 pedals via wheelbase), and they work just fine. So now it looks like every component and wire works, but for some reason, the pedals won't work on the playstation. Where does my issue lie?


  • Ich habe leider das selbe Problem mit den Fanatec CSL Elite Pedalen V2 bei GT 7 auf der PS5, Lenkrad ( dd pro ) funktioniert nur die Pedalen werden nicht erkannt. Am PC funktioniert alles wunderbar, Treiber auf aktuellsten Stand.

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