DD1 & Clubsport V3 glitch F1 2022

I ordered a podium f1 bundle with V3 pedals over the holiday and it’s been great but I noticed a few issues with my new hardware.

  1. sometimes when I crash, my pedals start to vibrate and continue to vibrate even when the car is reset and I’m driving normally on the track. Only way to fix is to turn off the wheel
  2. sometimes when I drive into the pit, my wheel will maintain the FFB that I have when I enter, and keep it torqued at the same level for when I exit. I then blow off the track at exit cause my wheel is torqued one way or the other. Only way to reset the force feed back is to turn off the unit.
  3. the rev limiter in the game does not match my podium f1 wheel. Sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t.

I don’t know who will see this but if anyone experienced anything similar please let me know if you’ve found any fixes.

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