FFB issue with my GT DD pro wheelbase

Hi guys

I have a problem with the FFB of my GT DD Pro Wheelbase. The error unfortunately occurs in different games. Suddenly the FFB is gone and doesn't come back or the steering wheel completely turns in to right or left and stays in that position. then I have to turn off the wheelbase to fix this behavior. Every time this error occurs I hear a weird sound in the game, like if headphones were broken and it cracks and hisses. The driver version is 447, is there a known error for this and what would be a solution for this problem? Thanks a lot


  • Hi,

    Same problem with CSW 2.5 since 2 weeks.

    Reinstall drivers change nothing...

    Thanks if you can help us.

  • I tried an other headset today, but with the same issue. With this headset (Bluetoozh) the sound dissappears for 1-2 seconds, just as the FFB. After 1-2 seconds the sound as well as the FFB came back and the wheel turned right and staied in that position. Just a switch off and on solved the problem. This happend several times within two hours.

  • How are you playing? PC or Playstation? Do you have your wheelbase connected to a dedicated cockpit or are you on your desk?

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    I am playing on PC, wheelbase as Well as the pedals are mounted on an Aluminium rig. Pedals (V3) are directly connected to the wheelbase.

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    Additional Information: the issue appears in different games… F122, AMS2 and ACC

  • This is electromagnetic interference. Search EMI on this same site, and you will find several solutions. Fanatec equipment appears to induce eddy currents that circulate in the cockpit, causing various malfunctions.

    I've personally solved almost all my EMI problems with a PCI Express card with USB add-on ports, which I use to connect wheelbases. Almost all issues, the pedals seem to play some malicious joke from time to time. This feeling of unreliability does not allow me to invest further in the Fanatec ecosystem. I don't know if during an online race, my equipment will ruin my race or that of others.

  • Ok, thank you for the advice. Will search for a solution and I hope it will solve the issue.

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