Swapping Mainboard from a CSL-DD *into* my Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base

As the header really.

(The wheel was bought for me and I have no paperwork - long story, I just don't)

I have a Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base which, although only 8 months or so old, Fanatec will not entertain any sort of RMA on and it's dead.

Dead, no lights, no nothing. It did fire up once and I know it is not the motor as that operated the only time I've managed to fire it up since it became faulty.

I also have tested the power-supply as being OK.

That leaves the mainboard in the base. I have the chance of buying a mainboard from a CLS-DD and was wondering if that will work.

I know I would have a grind off a couple of mounts and jiggle the wiring zifs but looking closely at the two they seem almost identical. Now I don't care about Playstation compatibility I just want my wheel base to work again with my PC. In fact I don't care if it turns the wheel into a CSL-DD - So if I can make it fit would it work?

TL,DR - will the mainboard from a CSL-DD work in my Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base?

Thank you so much in advance for any light you can throw on my question,


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