CSL Pedals & CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit @ GT DD Pro (8Nm), only per USB?

First, I had just purchased CSL_P and the GT DD Pro, only throttle and brake/clutch pedals.

I bought the Loadcell Kit this week and I can do what I want, it works only in that way

- Load Cell Kit per USB at PC

- CSL_P per RJ12 to Wheelbase to PC and per USB at PC

I verified the cabling multiple times, but neither Load Cell / Pedals per RJ12 at Wheel base nor per USB at PC works. Only the combination above does. Need to add: my first cabling before reading the manual caused a kind of USB lock-up and keyboard/mouse were also not working. What I can exclude, I did not connect the Load Cell per USB and per RJ12 at the same time. I am a bit confused now. The firmware are up to date, just verified it. It was also the first step after unpacking : updating the LC per direct USB from the PC, it updated without fail. It is also worth to note, the CSL Pedals don't appear in the FanaLab Software. Only the LC per USB. However all is working in iRating, just do not need the clutch, so throttle and brake works fine.


  • Hi, thanks for the look at my post. Just to repeat, the pedals and the LC is working. It is just that I have the pedal (throttle and clutch) at the wheelbase, the LC brake is per USB directly connected. I do not get in any other way working. That is confusing me because according to the manuals, it should work with all pedals via USB or via the wheelbase.

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