DD2 Bricked for the second time.

Hello, my dd2 has bricked itself for the second time. Last time I had to RMA it all the way back from Brazil to the USA. Unfortunately it happen again and in the same way. The wheel base suddenly turned itself off and, whenever I try to turn it on back again, it turns itself off and not even the LED screen is working. Not only this, but I also tried the instructions to solve this issue, the pdf file that is supposed to help you in case the wheelbase bricks, but I cant even flash the firmware because it cant update itself for it turns off just after I press the "flash firmware button".

It is simply outrageous and embarassing a product this expensive presents the same problem again after being RMA'd. I really hope I get a new wheelbase this time or my money back.


  • Fanatec does not seem to have any direct support. At least I havent found any - I read something about a chat bot but cant find that - I have struggled through most issues by booting and rebooting etc. Etc. And suddenly it works - but currently I’m shut down because no matter how much I try it says I dont have the right firm ware. My next step is to see if I can figure out how to delete and reload firmware, I would give anything to be able to hire a tech for an hour. Is there such a service?

  • something similar happened to me yesterday. my dd1 overheated just when it was turned on and after letting it cool down it didn't want to turn on anymore. This morning I turned it on and everything worked as if nothing had happened. It's very weird

  • Yeah, I'd keep an eye on that. I'm thoroughly disappointed with the quality my DD2 has so far. I hope that this time they're willing to pay for shipping and everything else, but it is still unacceptable a product has the same problem even after being fixed after RMA.

  • I think the customer service here is pretty good but I had to think twice when you had problems with this. Hope they will refund you monopoly go

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