click sound in the steering wheel.

hi sim racers I have CSL DD for nearly 1 year or so. I do not play regularly. but recently noticed there is clicking sound when I'm corning. i thought it was for the F1, it is happening to Assetto corsa too.

any one experience

any solutions please guys?

best regards



  • I was having this exact same problem with my new Podium Hub on a DD1. It was driving me crazy. My issue was caused by the 5 ball bearings inside the wheel side QR having a little bit of play on the base side QR shaft bearing indents. I applied lithium grease to the shaft, especially the area where the 5 ball bearings are seated, it's been silent ever since.

    Good luck!

  • thank you for the comment, my one is CSL DD and McLaren steering wheel. I don't know if this work for mine, but ill give it try

    thank you

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    No, you won't fix it with grease, you'll just make it less noisy. The QR, both the plastic lite version and metal, have a prominence that is too narrow for the channel on the hub. It is necessary to apply a few strips of transparent adhesive tape in the hub channel (I recommend 2 strips) and some also on the prominence of the QR. I have 3 steering wheels, one of them has no tape applied, but another has 5 strips applied to hold it in place.

    If you want to use grease on the ball bearings as well, it doesn't, but never use silicone grease on the ball bearings. Only common grease, lithium is fine.

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