DD1 overheating...

Hello, I would like to know if this happened to someone else

yesterday I turn on the DD1 base and after approximately 30 seconds it turns off. when i go to turn it back on and touch the back of the base. I feel like it's too hot. I unplug it to let it cool. Remember that it had been on for 30 seconds and could not be hot because it had not been used. I start to touch the base to see where the heat comes from. and the only thing that was hot was where the 2 orange resistors are on the back(view picture). an hour later after it cooled down. I try to turn on the base and it does not turn on. the base shows the fanatec logo on the screen for 1 second and turns off.

today 02/14. in the morning without any hope, I try again if it turns on and everything works normal as if nothing had happened... now several hours later and after having run a couple of races in iracing everything works without problems... but the fear is still there, I can't stop thinking that it could overheat again or for what reason it overheated like that.

PD: I am 100% sure that the overheating was from those 2 transistors since the heat was located only in those 2 specific areas. I know it's normal for those transistors to get hot but not the way they did yesterday. in 30 seconds and so much that it burned when touched.


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