ACC playstation 4 problem whit Gran Turismo DD Pro

Help please,

The steering wheel and all the options work fine on the GT7 game but when I run the ACC game I have no more steering wheel strength. all functions work well (turning, accelerating, braking, etc...) but I have no force in the steering wheel, no vibration even when changing in the game or steering wheel menu.

I have nothing and I don't know what to do.

I bought the steering wheel 1 week ago and all my drivers are up to date.

Thank you for helping me.

Edit: it works fine with the PC version but not with the PS4 version

Sorry for my english, i'm french men IoI


  • Stephen JayStephen Jay Member
    edited February 2023

    Do you have the wheelbase in Comp mode (purple power light)? I think you have to run the wheel in this mode to get it to work correctly with the PS4 version of ACC.

  • Thank you very much, I was looking for 2 days and I had not found the solution.

    Indeed, it is necessary to put the power button in purple and not in blue

    I don't know what is the difference between blue and purple.

    Thank you again for your precious help 😍

  • Blue is the 'native' mode, purple is compatibility mode.

    When purple the wheelbase is recognized as an 'old' CSW/CSL wheelbase, and this is needed on some games like PC2, AC...and some.

    Also on PS5 if I want to play with the DD Pro and AC I have to switch to compatibility mode.

    I remember also GTSport at launch, working on PS4 and compatibility mode on my CSL Elite+.

    Keep in mind that mode is 'retentive', so if you turn off the wheelbase in purple you'll get purple at next power on. You have to cycle back modes to blue or red/yellow (PC mode/PC compatibility mode).

    Green is for xbox i think, unless they've changed something with latest update....I don't usually update if I don't need to.


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