Anyone using CSP V1's w drivers 439 or later?

(Repost from a while ago, I realized it's probably more appropriate to post in the Pedals section rather than General)


I know this is a bit of a stab in the dark, but I'm curious to know, first of all, if anyone out there is still using an old set of Clubsport v1 pedals. If you are, I'd like to know what driver version you have installed, and whether you're able to set and utilize the BLI function successfully with your pedals.

I'm currently using v439 with my setup (CSP v1's, attached via RJ-12 to a CSL DD 8Nm). Everything is working fine. I'd like to be able to upgrade to a later driver package to take advantage of newer wheel and base firmware, but it's my understanding that with versions later than 439, BLI may not work as expected (or at all).

Can anyone with a set of CSPv1's and driver package newer than 439 confirm?


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    As nobody answered this question in some months I guess it would be the best and by far the fastest to spent 5 minutes of your time and to just install Driver 450 and find it out by yourself... It's no risk, you can always just uninstall that driver again and re-install 439....

  • I'm aware of what my options are, thanks. Given reports from all the people who have bricked their equipment while upgrading/downgrading, I don't think it's exactly "no risk". I know, "do it right and there's no risk". 🙄

    If I'm going to take the chance and do it, I'd like to know ahead of time that the result is going to be worth it.

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    It was only possible to brick a base when updating in a wrong order which was only possible in driver 442. Since 443 there are measures taken to prevent this.

    Also this only applied to Podium DD but you have CSL DD. Update order on CSL DD doesn't matter.

    So there is no risk as there is basically nothing one could do wrong.

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