Can I use Clutch pedal as Brake pedal? (CSP v3)


I find the CSP v3 brake pedal too stiff, I was wondering if I can use the Clutch pedal as brake pedal.



  • You can bind in game what ever you want of course. If you want to bind the "b" key of your keyboard you can also use that for braking.

    But I would not prefer the Clutch on a v3 as a brake pedal. Not really a liniear feel because of the clutch feel mechanism. Plus I don't know how long you have the v3 pedals, but give it sometime to get used to the firmer feel. Don't focus on travel in the pedal but more a consistant force. You can always lower the BRF value a bit.

  • have you set the brake to the softest setting? a load cell brake is a bit harder than one with potentiometer

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