Very weak ffb on GT7 with GT DD and R330

Hi all,

I've been running my GT DD for a couple of months now on PS5. After a few weeks I suddenly lost FFB completely , but the wheel was still reacting. After a restart, it seems to me that the FFB became much weaker. On GT7 for example, I can easily handle maximum FFB.

Is this normal? What ffb settings are you running at in game?


  • It could be number of things, but if you're feeling like you lost ffb feeling in GT7 or feels different than before, try checking your PS5 controller vibration setting:

    Go to PS5 main screen (not in GT7) - Go to PS5 Settings - Accessories - Controller - then set Vibration Intensity to Standard.

    Not sure if this is what you're feeling on ffb, but worth trying.

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