ACC Fanalab - Engine Vibration vs Rev Limiter Vibration


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I have a GT DD Pro 8nm with a Clubsport F1 E-Sports V2 wheel, and I was setting up Vibration settings for the little rumble motors in the steering wheel, and there are two separate settings: Engine Vibration and Rev Limiter Vibration.

Both are "activated" by a percentage of REVs, so Engine "Initial Vibration" is set by a percentage of total RPM's, so a Rev Limit of 10,000 RPM and 50% means it'll shake at 5,000 RPM.

Rev Limiter has a "Threshold" percentage on when to activate. It does not elaborate, but I assume it is either a percentage of total RPMs or rather the percentage of your LED-set RPM Limiter? So if your wheel flashes at 8,000 RPM, at 50% it will vibrate at 4,000 RPM. The default is 98 %, so it's more likely 2% away from REV Limit rather 2% away from Max RPM.

  • TLDR; Does anyone know the difference between Engine Vibration and Rev Limiter Vibration? Wouldn't setting either one, in effect, be the same thing?


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    From the mouse-hover hints:

    Engine Vibration:

    Vibration Strength: "Adjusts the maximum vibration strength at the maximum engine RPM. 

    The vibration increases with the engine RPM."

    Initial Vibration: "Defines the minimum engine RPM the vibration starts in percent.

    For example if it's set to 50%, then with a car that has a max RPM of 10.000, the vibration will start at 5.000RPM."

    Rev Limiter Vibration:

    Vibration Strength: "Adjusts the vibration strength when the engine revs into the limiter."

    Threshold: "Adjusts the rev limiter threshold on when to trigger the vibration."

    • TLDR; Engine Vibration is a constant vibration, starting at one point and then gradually increases in frequency. Rev Limiter Vibration on the other hand will vibrate at a certain shift point and then stop vibrating again when RPM are below the set threshold.

    Just try it out by yourself, I thiink when you play with it you will quickly understand the difference.

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