Order is in stock but not shipped

I placed an order on 13 may with delivery date june 3 for my whole setup .Than this happend .... I contacted them about 3 weeks ago still no answer.


  • Update

    I just recieved an e-mail and they said that my order wasn't shipped due to an error in their system.

    My order will be shipped tomorrow, with express delivery.

    So, don't lose hope.

    Hyyyped :D

  • I have exactly the same with my CSL Elite pedals, they were in stock this weekend, now not anymore. Order status haven't changed. My first e-mail took them 10 days to respond. It also looks like their website and system have lots of errors. All in all not that impressed with the customer service.

  • Update: I received a quick e-mail back with the message that my order will be shipped tomorrow :)

  • I just posted about a similar issue with an order for a handbrake.

  • I placed the order and the payment on 06/25 also didn't receive anything on the date I did everything was all the products available

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