CSL DD hub screw tightening

Hello, does anyone know how many nm recommended by Fanatec this screw should be tightened?


  • 15Nm.

  • Stephen JayStephen Jay Member
    edited March 3

    Is it 10 or 15 Nm? Because this shows it should be 10.

  • That value in the manual is wrong. Correct is 15Nm.

  • Ok, thanks. I'll redo mine then.

  • Kris BoultbeeKris Boultbee Member
    edited March 3

    I'm having difficulty getting to 15 Nm because the hex bit that I have keeps camming out of the screw. It's probably because it's pretty difficult to keep the quick release shaft from turning while torqueing the bolt. To keep that from happening I'd like to replace it with a Torx bolt, but I'd like to know the specs of the bolt first if possible, the size, length and thread pitch.

    With normal sized Allen wrenches, it's not feasible to get anywhere close to 132 in-lbs of torque. Either that or I need to work out more.

  • Bolt size is M6x25 , thread pitch 1mm

  • 15 Nm exceeds the yield limit of most grades of M6 bolts. It's very close to the yield limit of even a grade 10.9 M6 bolt so using a grade 12.9 would be advised to avoid issues.

    Fanatec screwed up here (no pun intended) - they initially recommended 10 Nm for which a good quality M6 would be fine. But M8 would have been a better choice if 15 Nm is required.

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