CSL Elite Pedale V2 Screws don't open (tighten brutally)

Hello together,

This week I became my new CSL Elite Pedale V2 and now I wanted to reorganize the distances between the pedals. Therefor I have to open the Screws below the rubber pad.

And thats where the issue starts. The screws are that hard tighten, I can't open them. Does anyone else know that issue? At first: Yes, I'm moving in the correct direction!

I already was taking that much force, that I'm afraid to break sth., if I would use more. It seems they have updated the design a bit, because the nut screw on the bottom is now sourrounded by aluminium and you can't reach it with tools. You only can move sthe screw itself on the topside.

So long sentence short, my question again: Does anyone knows the issue, that the screws are brutally tight?

Thanks and greetings



  • You could try penetrating fluid - let it soak for an hour or so. Then rather than heaving on the bolt like a gorilla try tapping it lose - either by lightly tapping an Allen key with a hammer or with an impact driver.

  • I faced the same issue.

    Losening the bolts felt as if I was about to break the Allen wrench.

    It was tightened to the point, that the washers are now melted to the bolt head. Also there is a significant cyndrical crater left in the main plate.

    Maybe it is a bit overdone.

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