Clubsport V3 - Tightening of screws for pedal plates


i've ordered my Clubsport V3 pedals during the Black Friday sale and today i decided to try and change the plates on the pedals. The screws are tightend to an extend that i'm worried about breaking my allen key, even with a small electric screwdriver / drill there's no chance of untightening the screws. Weirdly it's only one screw that is affected but all of them.

Has any one else experienced this kind of issue? And if so, is there any quick advice besides Fanatec warranty?

Thanks in Advance :-)


  • Hey Niklas, just to confirm what you mean by "pedal plates", if you're talking about these (pic below), then you need to access the bolts on the back (acorn nut or hex nut on the back of the pedal plate. Use the Allen key to secure the bolt from turning, but use 10mm socket wrench to loosen the bolt. I experience the same when I tried to loosen allen key instead of bolt, nearly impossible.

    I also attached a video from sim garage, see minute mark 31.28 on video.

  • Hi, thank you for the video and the advice!

    That was exactly what i was looking for i'm still wondering why the hexagon sockets were so extremly tight. Still it felt like you can't mount the "plastic face plates" in any direction if you still want to mount the rumble motor, because the gap between the face plates and the screws securing the motor is extremly tight.

    Anyway it worked out in the end, thank you! :-)

  • Hi Nikalas, though not as attractive let's say, but you can rotate the motor upside down(my pic below) and it should give you little more room for acorn and hex nuts on the back (also in certain sequence as it is tight = plate first, then use small wrench to tighten the sides). Good luck!

  • If there is a nut, you turn the nut and not the screw

  • Sometimes - but not always. It's only really important if you are measuring the torque during fastening for some sort of critical application. And if there is a nut, then the screw is a bolt. :-) For fixing the pedal faces - just tighten which ever has easier access - which is likely to be the bolt head.

  • you're right, bolt would be the better word, but English is also not my native language xD

    especially with this type of bolt on the pedal plates you should turn the nut. Because it is a recessed bolt, there is much more friction when turning, which is not the case with the nut

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