Fanatec connectivity

I currently have a fanatec dd2 base, formula v2 wheels and podium v3 pedals and I play on Xbox (overkill I onow) but I was told by a few people that I could connect it to a ps5 if I got one that It could work and that it does something with the software or whatever and just magically works. My wheel base is the Xbox/pc version. Anyone know how accurate this is or if it’s completely rubbish.


  • People talking nonsense I'm afraid.

  • Maybe they’re talking about the DriveHub, search the web and YouTube to know more and to verify if it can be useful to you.

    Price is on the 100-130$ I think.

  • I honestly don't understand the need to buy a PS5 to play simracing, rather than a PC.

    It is not a criticism, rather a question, a curiosity.

    PC is more expensive, but your Fanatec setup is already very expensive. Furthermore, most simulators do not require a hard PC, at least for FHD or 2k, guaranteeing high frame rates, well beyond the 60fps of the consoles. And in any case the 4k of the consoles is not of the native type, but it is an adaptation.

    The gaming experience, at least with simracing, I assure you is truly superior in everything. Why not switch to PC?

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    I was a huge fan of Gran Turismo. I've played from GT1 to GT6, but I've never owned a PS4 or PS5, so my experience with GT ends at 6.

    But I played them with a joypad or a toy steering wheel attached to a table or desk.

    I wouldn't go back to PlayStation, it's just that PC is more fun and more technical. It's something you can really appreciate, with the right equipment.

  • Agreed. I was a diehard console guy for pretty much my entire life (been gaming since the early 80s). I liked the simplicity of consoles, knowing that i could buy a game and it would just work with no fuss. I was content racing with my Fanatec equipment on my Xbox 360 and then Xbox One, playing Forza Motorsport, Horizon, PCARS, Assetto Corsa, Dirt, etc.

    Until a little over a year ago when a friend gave me a good deal on his old PC that he was getting rid of. I hooked up my Fanatec kit, and instantly realized that I didn't want to go back. Yes it's not as much of a "plug and play" solution as the Xbox, but I feel like that's also the PC's biggest advantage. There is so much more you can customize on a PC to fit your desires and your play style. A much wider selection of generally cheaper games, more control over graphics settings, far better choice of peripherals, the ability to run mods and third party companion apps, the list goes on. I honestly don't see myself ever going back.

    I still only have an Xbox One, so it won't be long before new games are no longer released on that platform. There's unlikely to be anything released for the Series X/S that really interests me that won't also be available on PC. And I can't see the logic of ever buying a Playstation just to play Gran Turismo. (And most of the big-name Sony exclusives like Spider Man, GoW, Uncharted, etc. are becoming available on PC now anyway, so even less incentive to buy the console.)

  • So the world’s one colori, I see.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m on the opposite side, no reason to go back again to a PC.

    I’m happy with consoles (plural, yes I had them almost all), racing wise I’m happy on what Ingot, ACC console is good enough, and GT7 on VR2 is a Blast.

    I got a simrig and new stuff also, and I’m ok.

    I know very well Pc world, and have friends with different setups, but I don’t care about irancing and company.

    So, again, if in exclusive simracing perspective, ok to go to PC. General gaming, console is more than fine.

    And that’s all, I don’t usually like to go down in comments on PC-console debate, it’s a thing of the past.

    Have a wonderful day! 😉

  • Well for starters, my setup was mostly a gift from a family member when I was living at home with my setup in a family room. And I already had an Xbox, I have since upgraded (gifts) my setup and moved into an apartment. And still my setup is in our living room because I have a small room. And I don’t have the space or money for a pc to use my setup.

  • I played them with a joypad It's something you can really appreciate, with the right equipment.

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