Brake Force Issue on V3s after innstalling BPK kit

Hi there

Yesterday i installed the BPK on my V3s which i have had since 2021.

But after installation, i really struggle with getting the force through the pedal.

"The Feeling" on the pedal itself is a lot better, & more to how i want it. But i simply cannot put enough preasure on the pedal to even make it a 100%, i have tried both red/green 12s & Red/ green 13s. And no matter how hard i press on the pedal i cannot reach more then ca 25-30% pedal preasure, with break force set to 1%

Here on the picture I try with 5% and 4% preasure is the max, please do help, because I really do not understand why. Have triied to recalibrate so many times, also tried to change the settings in game ( ACC) but with no luck.

My preload spring is now set to just under 3, for referance.

The Brake Force adjuster worked fine on stock pedals, ( both in Fanalab & Control Panel) but the feeling was to soft for my liking, that is why i installed the BPK kit.

(Clutch & Accelerator works fine after Re-callibration)

Any help to fixing the issue would be greatly apperciated,

Thx in advance

Best regards

Erik Nilsen


  • HI

    You have to change the brake force that is set to 5% to 100%

  • Ok so what should he do then?

  • I wonder if the loadcell was somehow damaged during the performance kit fitting? Either that or one of the new elastomers is somehow stuck in the metal tube? First thing I would do is remove the new elastomers and try again with the original elastomers. If it works then, try reinstalling the performance kit. If it doesn't work still when in the original configuration then you will likely need to send them in for repair.

  • Thank you all for the assistance, i am now in contact with Fanatec Tech support & we will have a look, & then we will see what happens.

    The strange thing, is that when i manually calibrate the pedals through the USB ( With RJ 12 in the wheel disconnected), the pedals do work, & i can calibrate them. But the brake feel is quite "flimsy" in searach of a better word, & to modulate it is pretty damn difficult. But still trying.

    I sadly do think with it being outside of warranty, fixing it & the shipping from here to Germany & back, would be quite expensive....:( so will try top see what we can figure out :)

  • I have not tried with the stock ones since changing, but have tried with the softer ones red & green 12, and they do feel quite different to the 13 ones.

  • Ok, you experts, i tried to upload a video, but sadly i could only upload pics so here you go. Hopefully you can help me out here, but i Think i have found the issue.

    1: After Manually calibrating the pedals, they are stable at 100% preasure at the top, and at 0% ( i can rest my foot on the pedal)

    2: When i try to press the pedals, its almost impossible to modulate them between 5-95% of preasure, so it makes it really hard to drive consistent as you might well imagine, its either full or nothing

    3: What could it be? A Broken loadcell, or is there anything else I can do that you guys recomend me to troubleshot?

    Please see pics attatched :)

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