PC not recognizing petals

Hi my petals work fine plugged into my wheel base when I plug them into my PC it doesn’t recognize them….could it possible be a bad cable? And where can I get one? Thanks


  • first of all it would be nice to know what pedals you have. But I assume that they have a USB port, so you can use any USB A to B cable, but it should have ferrite rings

  • They are the csl with the load cell kit the cable is a usb like on a printer …cable is good tested it also my laptop won’t recognize the petals also

  • I am dealnkng with a similar issue. I use Xbox platform. And I have the CSL elite v2 pedals. They recognize when you plug the in the usb in the laptop. But when you plug them back Xbox console they don’t recognize on the dd2 base digital screen so I can’t use them in the game with the pedals are attached to the dd2 base and the Xbox. Please advise?!? I’ve heard the csls don’t recognize in the back of the console? Is this tru and if so how to fix?

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