How do I tell If my DD1 FFB is as it should be??

I've just watched a YouTube video - 1 Year Later... Would I Buy the Fanatec DD1 Again? -

And at 6m 50 seconds onwards it seems that his Apr 2020 DD1 was indeed faulty and needed a factory repair. I got my unit in May 2020 and wonder if my unit is also faulty??

Certainly the video resonates with his comments on ACC and I find the DD1 difficult in that.

I came from a Thrustmaster T150, which was pretty bad, and the DD1 seems OK in comparison.

How do I work out if all is as it should be??


  • Ignore the drama merchants on YouTube. If you think your base is broken contact support. If you don't, don't!

  • I guess you may not know, unless you find a way to compare your DD1 with another.

    If it's any consolation to you too with CSL DD I feel ACC doesn't have good FFB. Not that there's anything really wrong, but I don't feel a real connection to the asphalt and the tyres.

    Maybe my wheelbase is faulty, but the driving experience is so immersive with every other game except ACC, that I can't believe my Fanatec gear is faulty.

    It's a shame because ACC is wonderfully accurate and very technical, it used to be my favorite game when using the Logitech G29, but I've just dropped it since using Fanatec's direct drive.

    I can't get any kind of feeling, it might be a personal matter, because really a lot of people play ACC, so I guess it's extremely good for them.

  • You definitely want to listen to the people on youtube....the members here are suspect...this is what u get when you send a dd1 in that was bricked with their update software. If its out of warranty you get told its bricked and do you want us to throw it away for you🤣🤣🤣....looks like they cant fix there own iss

    ue. It just becomes a $1500 boat anchor.....and for the love of god hold on to that receipt because without it ur a criminal.

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