CSL DD recently received, the steering wheel axis and the FFB do not work.

It arrived just yesterday, when I installed it, several updates appeared on the Fanatec panel, after many attempts the base firmware was installed.

The Motor firmware is impossible to install. The steering axis and the FFB do not work 😒, the buttons, leds and display of my BMW steering wheel work correctly. Anyone else with this problem? I am still waiting for a response from the technical service after sending them a video 😨.

The installed driver is 447



  • I forgot to comment, I spent 3 hours yesterday reviewing all the posts and videos on YouTube with similar problems. None of the solutions helped me.

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    I have been waiting for 3 days, and the technical support does not give me a solution. I have received two emails with the same help that I myself can find on Google. How many days do I have to wait for the solution ☹️? When I made the reservation for the CSL DD, Fanatec charge the money instantly. For that they are fast

  • Hy hab das selbe Problem nach dem ich Firmenware upgedatet habe hab die dd csl mit wrc lenkrad

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    Today I received an answer. They will process the exchange. Let's see how long it takes

  • Yesterday morning my CSL DD arrived at the Fanatec technical service to be checked and supposedly to send me a new one. At the moment I have not received an answer or any email. I'll have to be patient and pray 😂 that they send me a non-defective CSL DD.

  • I received a replacement unit yesterday for my loud one I sent back. The replacement has the exact fault you mention.

    No ffb and does not register any motion.

    Motor firmware won't update and is stuck on 0

    Closed o er Easter so another week of waiting again

  • its the software issue. try completely removing all the drivers and install some old ones. every time you remove/installl new drivers restart the pc. the device flash can help as well. i guess the base is blinking blue all the time?

  • No it only blink blue when I put it in that mode myself. It stays on pc (white mode) as default. I'll give it a go though.

  • Es imposible contactar con ellos, yo estoy desesperado

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