Fanalab and Profiles not loading correctly after latest firmware DD1

Devices DD1 Podium 

Running Latest Firmware and drivers

After I install latest firmware I got issues with all game profiles

 If I load this profile for example :

I get these results and they not match or load in right.

  • SEN is set to auto it must be 1080 does not set right
  • FFS is set to linear must be PEAK


I got this issue for all cars in iRacing custom made profiles, it was working always perfectly till now because non of them transfer right to my wheelbase anymore with the latest firmware

i got this with more then 50+ custom profiles.

And before if Setup index was set to 1 it transfer to SET 1

now if its set to one it transfer the profile to A.SET and you not able to change coz everything is locked.

this need to be fix .


  • First, you are not running the "latest" firmwares.

    Latest driver would be 450 with Base Firmware

    Second, which FanaLab Version are you using?

    This is a typical issue which happens when someone uses incompatible Software.

    So most likely your FanaLab Version is completely outdated and causing this mismatch.

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    Looks like in Fanalab you are looking at settings in setup index 2, in the driver you look at the settings of position 1.

    This doesn't match and that's probably why settings are different! Adjust the right settings index in Fanalab or choice the right setup on your wheel.

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    The settings are 1:1 linked and can not be adjusted separately. When you change a setting in Software A then it's automatically also changed in the same Setup in Software B and on the wheel itself.

    When he gets different settings in one Software then this is because that Software is completely outdated and not compatible with the newly installed driver and that is his issue.

    All he needs to do is to update to FanaLab 1.66 which is compatible with driver 447.

    Or even better, directly update driver to 450 and then also use latest FanaLab 1.69.5.

  • Thank you sir for the reply.

    im running fanalab V1.63 but if it hit check for update i get a popup your running the latest fanalab version.

    same for my firmwares

    so what can i do to get those files you talking about.

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    FanaLab 1.63 is extremely old and not compatible with the 2 year old Tuning Menu v2 with the Auto Setup, therefore the settings are different.

    The update feature unfortunately was broken in that version, therefore it tells you that you are up-to-date but in fact you are not.

    For driver 447 you HAVE TO use FanaLab 1.66 and for Driver 450 you should use FanaLab 1.69.5.

    So all you need to do is downloading the respective FanaLab Version, install it and once updated all your issues will be magically fixed :)

  • thank you for taking time to reply me on this.

    i will try to find those recommendations.

    and leave a comment if its sorted.

    thanks agian.

    and those iRacing profiles you make are awesome.

    Respect to put al that work into it.

  • with

    Everything is back to normal thanks for the support and taking time for this.

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