Clubsport V3 pedals and update 447

This morning my brake started playing up, it was coming on without the pedal being pressed. I tried using the Fanatec App to recalibrate and set max and min brake but the Max option has gone. Now its telling me to set it via BRF slider. I always use 40 for the slider but now I cant max brake without nearly breaking my leg and holding trial braking has completely changed the feel of the brake from what I was used to, to a much much stiffer brake. I read Fanatec changed this in an update, does this mean my brake is always going to feel like this? I tried dropping the BRF slider to 10 and its easier to maintain 100 brake but the mid brake feel is completely off. I am very comfused, I just want my brake back I have been used to for 2 years.


  • The two commands are redundant, furthermore by setting the maximum you lose a lot of resolution.

    To adjust the brake you simply have to set the force value to 100%, then, with the Fanatec software open, press on the brake using the usual muscle force, read the braking value on the software, and adjust the force to that exact percentage.

    If you really want to continue adjusting the maximum and minimum values, you can use the Diview software, the same one used by Heusinkveld, which is much more precise than the Fanatec software.

  • Alessandro, do you mean BRF?

    Also, what would you use to set the minimum?

  • Alessandro many thanks for those suggestions. I tried the first and the brake was far too stiff. The only way I can get the brake anywhere near the feel it was, is to turn brf to minimum and set brake saturation in game (f1 22) to 50%

    Diview looks pretty handy, I will have a play with the settings. Many thanks for your input

  • Yes, BRF becomes the max value, and it's in percent. To find the right value to set, it must be set to 100, then with the Fanatec software open, brake using the usual muscle memory. The number you see on the brake bar is the BRF value to be set. Small adjustments can be made directly on the track, using the steering wheel.

    The minimum value can be set by Fanatec Software, as before, this part has not changed.

    However I prefer to use Diview for all games, except iRacing, for which I directly modify the configuration files of the single car.

    In general, I use different BRF values ​​for each game, because the brake pedal reacts differently. That's the advantage of having a load cell brake, you can adapt it to any situation.

  • As i said I tried that first and the value was around 30-/35, that's very close to the 40 existing BRF I always used the last two years. Unfortunately this makes the brake way to stiff, especially in the mid brake. I took the brake apart this morning, cleaned and serviced it though this had no impact on the brake performance. My theory is when I set my max brake (when you could) It was set at a certain pressure, not completely maxxed out, in essence giving an extra adjustment, now this max set facility has been removed, that layer of adjustment went too, causing my brake to feel so different. I just had an hours practice and I am getting used to it slowly, I just wish they would leave things be or if they have to change it to brf for some ppl why not have the Max set as an optional drop down?

    I shall have to look for a tutorial on Diview as I am sure I can emulate my original brake pedal if I know what values to change. I can hit 100 ok with my current setting but the mid brake still too stiff and the min brake feels too soft. I have a league race tomorrow so I don't want to mess with it this late in the week but will try adjusting values on Friday to see how it all works. I really appreciate the help buddy ty :-)

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    I believe in order for V3 pedal to show Max setting is to connect V3 pedals to PC via USB. If you connect V3 thru wheelbase to PC, then only slider shows up. I could be wrong, but worth checking if you can connect V3 only to PC (without the base).

    As reminder, MAKE SURE you DISCONNECT cable to wheelbase when connect USB to PC direct on V3.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, If I connect via usb I am pretty sure I lose the ability to change settings via my wheel. I am going to have a look at Diview tomorrow as it appears to be what I need, I'll report back here if it works.

  • Thanks again for the help with this issue. Diview turned out to be the answer. When I was calibrating the brake in Diview I pressed down the brake to where it felt like my old 100%, took note of the number and entered this, done the min and mid calculations and hey presto I have my old brake back.

    Alessandro many many thanks :-)

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