Podium Button Module Endurance and GT style wheel

Hello everyone,

I own a Clubsport Steering Wheel GT Alcantara V2, mounted on a DD1 base via Podium Hub and I wanted to add a Podium Button Module Endurance to it but unfortunately, on the product page, in the notes it indicates it is not compatible with GT series steering wheels.

Investigating the possible problem a bit, it seems that there might be an interference between the slightly inclined horizontal spokes of my steering wheel and the module's 'radio' and 'alarm' buttons. Am I right?

That said, I understand that perfect compatibility is not guaranteed, but is the issue really that crippling?

Does anyone have any tips on how I can customise the mounting to allow it to be used with my steering wheel? Ultimately I'd also be more than OK with giving up the use of 2 buttons out of 11 ... I'm really short on controls right now and playing exclusively in VR I can't even consider using the keyboard!

Thanks in advance to anyone who can give me any information or opinion!



  • If you dare, just use the hacksaw, file, glue, black marker pen and maby sticker 😉

  • That was great, thank you so much, your picture is exactly the best answer I could have expected, and even mine is exactly in the same lime green colour! 🍻

    I fully designed and built my aluminium rig from scratch, so DIY surely doesn't scare me.

    However, I thought all I needed to do was drill holes in the horizontal arms where the two buttons are, but from what I can see you've also had to trim the alcantara coating (and quite a bit too) ... that's really something I would avoid!

    Do you think it could be avoided using a spacer plate between the hub and the steering wheel?

  • I wouldn´t do it just with spacer.

    If you don´t wanna touch alcantara, don´t mod.

    I sold my system so can´t give more help with that, good luck!

  • i search for the same solution..

    i would like to use the endurance button modul and a oben GR3 Whell with 300mm.

    like this.: https://www.simraceshop.de/product_info.php?info=p558_srs-gt300-lenkradkranz-wildleder.html&no_boost=1

    maybe any one has a idea??

  • edited April 2023

    ^ At least pretty close to fit

    Turn Racing R320 seems to fit without any modding

  • I further analysed the question and thanks to a couple of videos showing the PBME disassembled (from which I could see how its electronics is arranged) and the related drilling template provided by Fanatec ... I made the purchase and it should arrive Thursday!

    I have some ideas on how to modify it by removing the 2 outermost buttons (radio and alarm) and solve a couple of other interferences without having to touch the alcantara of the wheel rim.

    I'll keep you updated ...

  • Mission accomplished and very pleased with the result!

    But definitely not something I would recommend to anyone as I had to fully disassemble the PBME, even disconnecting the flat cable that connects the display to the circuit board!

  • Nicely modded 👌

    Did You use sticker or somehow removed original paint?

    Lovely sticker sell only glossy stickers and I dont like them, but I´m not big fan of original PBME livery either.

  • I love PBME but the original colour scheme is really awful!

    It's a quite thick and durable paint (which is good from a manufacturing quality point of view) and the only way to get it off without damaging too much the carbon surface is by sand-blasting it. Specifically, I used medium mesh (02/0.4 mm) methacrylate plastic grit.

  • Okay, thanks for information!

    I think I´m too lazy for sand-blasting.

    Lovely stickers answered that they may print also to matte sticker in future, however that needs new printer.

    I had 10keur rig with motion but sold it and now have pretty simple setup but happy with it.

  • You could get a car wrapping film, you can find them in any online store. Excluding the original 3M ones that are expensive, there are other companies that offer small pieces, like 500x500 mm sheets, from 7/8€ or even less.

    All you need is a hot-air gun, but a good hair dryer and a little more patience might also suffice. Once it's sticking just trim it off with a cutter.

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