Force feedback

Ok so I’ve been using the dd1 and the blue formula wheel on gt7 for like 9 months. Works great, feels great. Buddy of mine has been trying to get me to get the old school assetto corsa for pc. So got that. Biggest problem is the feeling is horrible. I feel like I’ve exhausted all options at this point. I can’t get things to feel good at all. Tried settings I’ve found online as well and they all suck.

so here’s what I’m getting. I can get a good amount of “strength” in the wheel. Meaning, it’s actually hard to rotate. The problem is that it has no feeling at all. It’s just heavy. I get the most feel on straights when I’m going faster. As soon as the car starts to turn at all, I lose almost all feel and it just makes every car feel like a brick on ice skates. In gt7 I can actually feel through the wheel when I’m understeering of oversteering or slipping etc. I can’t feel anything on assetto corsa. I feel the curbs through the wheel. Like the wheel rumbles a bit when going over curbs. So no problem there. Just looking for some advice on what to change. Thanks


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