stering well removal to dd1 podium - does not exit


It's the first time I ask something in the forum.

I bought podium dd1 + f2.5 steering wheel and clubsport v3 pedals.

I connected the steering wheel to dd1. The steering wheel is stuck. I don't able remove it again. Can you help me?


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    As explained in the manual you need to unscrew the big gold locking screw by turning it CCW until it touches the black clamp, then the currently compressed rubber gets decompressed and you can remove the wheel.

  • I followed the manual.

    until the cables are disconnected. it's stuck

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    WHAT THE HELL have you done?!😱

    You only have to untighten the big Gold collar by turning it CCW so it TOUCHES the Black clamp so the rubber gets decompressed again. I did not said that you should untighten the Black clamp to fully unmount the whole QR... Wow.

    Now put everything back together how it was but just do not tighten the big Gold collar so the rubber does not get compressed and then just pull off the wheel with maximum force. If that doesn't help then I would suggest that you contact the support.

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