CSL DD World of Outlaws Xbox game

edited May 2023 in Other Racing Games

After 2 days my steering developed a glitch where the steering isn't smooth back and forth for this game only. When you test it it doesn't start in the middle, it starts a 1/3rd to the right and will move to the right fine, then when you turn it back to the left it comes back and stops where it began...as you keep turning left it will jump to the left skipping the middle 1/3rd of steering, and then will turn smoothly to the left for the last 1/3rd of the test line. Is there something wrong in the game software? I did update the fanatec software and it went away for 1 day and then came back. this phenomenon doesn't happen with Assetto Corsa competitione. Any ideas how to fix. I just got this steering wheel and updated with newest software.

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