DD1 weird friction…


Natural friction can start to feel weird after some time of driving. In case you experience issues with NFR, we suggest to turn it OFF for now. (this got now fixed for the Podium DD ……in my case whit my DD1 this problem not fixed…why you writed is fixed it’s not true….

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    For everyone else its fixed.

    You should contact the support if its not fixed for you as its then a hardware issue of your base.

  • hello,

    I don't know if it is the same problem so I post it :

    The problem occurred after more than 20/30 minutes of play in I-racing.

    The problem occurred only when I turn on the right with the wheel. the problem is not systematic but sometime 1 time on 10 turns.

    The problem is dificult to describe but it looks like grain of sand in the steering rack with light oscillation and a little noise of light metal.

    I have the impression when I unplugged electrically my wheel and replug some hours after the problem take longer to re-occure).

    I have the imopression the problem appear with 450 driver

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