DD Pro weird friction problem and My Solution


When I use my DD pro for a while, weird friction started to build from the baseline. I've read that lots of ppl has this issue. I opened a ticket but I don't think it they will solve it in a short time; moreover, People reporting same issue happens even it is replaced.

Anyway, last night, after driving like 40 minutes, friction started to build up in the wheel. I was driving in a closed room. I opened my window to cool down the room temperature. After taking a little break I played again for 40 min or more. And problem never happened again.

I haven't checked the heat generated behind the wheel, but now I suspect that it is a cooling issue. I am going to try it by playing in a closed room to generate heat and I will measure the heat behind of the base before and after.

Please share your observations when you cool it down if you have the same problem. I am going to keep the post updated after I test and measure heats as well.


  • Tae YooTae Yoo Member

    I don't experience any overheat issues with my DD Pro, definitely over 40min sessions. Mine is slightly warm to touch, but never feels hot. I would say my room temp average around 25C(78f).

    Do you mean stronger Friction(some sort of abrasion)? or do you mean Force Feedback(FFB) gets stronger? 5 or 8nm?

    Mine does have some irregular increase / decrease of FFB now and then. I use driver 447 still, 8nm at moderate FFB setting, not heavy.

  • I have ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 and I also started to feel some weird friction in the base, especiale on long turnings. This problem appears not every time and I don't know what is related too but esterday I grounded my rig and did around 2 hours race without this problem. I hope that EMI was the problem, but will see in a long term if it helpes.

  • Hello,


    I have tried my wheel on a long session and weird vibration started again, I measured backplate and again it was around 35C degree. When backplate temp is higher than 35C, problem starts. I tested it couple of times and verified.

    I put a fan in front of the base, and the problem is instantly gone. It is definitely a heating issue. I am guessing some component is overheating in backplate and start to not function correctly, when you cool it down, it works fine.

    Fanatec send me RMA to repair it, I think not everyone has this issue and it may get worse in future. I expect my wheel to function any issue even under heavy load, I hope new base will not have this issue.

    @tae Yoo, my rom is around 25 as well. It is 8nm version. Yes, it is like abresion feeling on the wheel and base. It is not force changes.

  • Tae YooTae Yoo Member

    @Yaman, thanks for sharing your experience, good to know for future reference. Hope you get your base back soon.

  • Hello all,

    Fanatec changed the board of the wheel base. Unfortunately, being in Turkey was my bad luck, it stuck in customs and getting it took more than a month.

    Anyway, it seems weird sandy feeling mostly go away but still it is there when room temp is very high. In Turkey weather is too hot (30-38C), I put a fan on back of the wheel base. Even after hours of usage it's never happened.

    I guess fan is a requirement for hotter places, if indoor temp is not higher than 23C, it will be ok. I hope it will not increase over time.

    I think wheelbase board should be updated to work in hot places as well.

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