CSL DD Immediately Smoked - Unable to enter serial... cannot get support

This is effectively insane....especially for the price of these things.

I received my CSL DD to replace a clubsport 2.5 - work at getting it all setup, start it up and immediately smell magic smoke, turns off, won't turn back on. Alright.... I got a bum product, it happens.... Go to get support, and the web page is so horrible... I can't enter a serial number, and when it seems like I don't have to... it immediately errors out with some BS

"The action could not be completed due to a missing form token.

A new form token has been generated."

I can't do anything... and its insane to think this is the experience anyone should have with any product.


  • What other serial#?

    Thanks again for the lovely evening.

  • And again after adding the CSL DD to support... and trying to get help..

  • Tried multiple browsers, multiple PC's - real quality stuff here.

  • Welp, on the bright side, the Return Product links work.....

  • I believe the problem is the "terms and conditions" flag at the bottom, which is invisible to the human eye.

    If you don't flag that little invisible square, you have to compile everything from scratch.

  • Welcome to the Brain Factory. Where compiling a simple web form is beyond the skillset of their finest minds.

    They did have an email address [email protected] You could try that.

  • The exact same thing happened to me. Bought a CSL DD, received it on the 5th of may. Tried it a couple of times, no issues whatsoever. I even used it for multiple hours during long sessions.

    Used it today for maybe 30 minutes -> the strange smell of burned electronics hit my nose. It took me like 3 minutes to realize that the wheelbase was indeed smoking.

    Turned it off immediately, didn't try to turn it on again. Might still be functional, who knows? I don't fancy giving it another try.

    And I have the same issues with the support page, it's asking me for some serial. The CSL DD is also listed twice, even though I only own one (why would I need twice?). I'm unable to open a support ticket, even if my life would depend on it.

    Overall a very underwhelming experience.

  • facing the same here.

    i ended up having my USB port damaged by the CSL failure. Now it is not only returning and waiting for replacement but also other ~200USD for a new motherboard.

    I can’t believe I’m facing it with Fanatec. Wishing to have a better luck with Customer Support/service.

  • I have the same issue with my CLS DD, maybe after 10 hours of total use, i felt a strong burning plastic smell, also the base was very hot on the lower left back corner. it looks like the product have a very bad design and quality control. The worst thing is the delay in the fanatec support department, they sent me an email back 4 days after the RMA report asking questions, 4 additional days to send me and RMA # that also says the i will receive a separate email with the return shipping lable (already 3 more days ) So do you think they have a bright future with this mess?? now i want to return everything and forget about it.

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