ACC says CPU is at 99% and I can not do anything

I am having this issue. By the way, my CPU is not at 99% either. I am using the Podium F1 with the lates updates as well. Never had this happen until I connected my McClaren GT3 V2 wheel to play on Xbox Series X. When I went to go switch back to PC Mode I had new modes. I never had PC Comp or PS4 / PS5 Comp before until now. It was always only PS4/PS5 and PC and Nothing else. Why it changed, No clue...

The only thing I found on this issue was this I do not want to have to go backwards. I should not have to. I mean will if that is the only option. It would be really nice to get some sort of feedback on this issue before I do anything. I am also worried that something will go wrong if I do what is mentioned in the above link.

Any ideas or thoughts on this? I have not been able to race ACC for 2wks.


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