CSL DD/Mclaren GT3 V2 Suddenly Disconnect in F1 22.

Hello Everyone,

I am new here, dont know where to discussion my porblem, I hope all of you understand.

I have purchased recently a bundle from Fanatec, the wheel base CSL DD, the Steering Wheel Mclaren GT3 V2, and CSL Pedals, all the products seems to work fine together with all the games and racing sims, except EA games.

I tryed to run F1 22, the wheel base has two modes, PC mode and PC compatible mode. When i run it with PC mode, in the profile of settings of the controller in the game i can choose the wheel Mclaten gt3 V2, and the profile settings says GT DD PRO required, i think CSL DD and GT DD PRO are similar in hardware cuestions. When i run the game with the wheel base in PC compatble mode, in the profile settins of the controller i can choose the wheel Mclaren GT3 V2, and the profile settings says CSW 2.5, that is exactly what windows says when i switch the wheel base in PC mode Compatible, the wheel base work as a CSW 2.5.

After of choose this settings Pc Mode GT DD PRO, or PC compatible mode CSW 2.5, i run a grand prix 5 laps, and when i am in lap 2 or lap 3, suddenly the steering wheel dont work to upshif or downshift the gear and 2 or 3 seconds later the wheel base locked and the red led of the power button of the wheel base is blinking, and i have to swicth off the wheel base, loose the steering wheel and attached again and push again the power button of the wheel base, and then i have the same issue in lap 3 or lap 4, so i can not work with this Fanatec hardware more than 5 minutes.

I have this problem in the PC mode and in PC compatible mode, no mode works. I have the same issue with f1 2020, not only with F1 22, i was trying with two differents PC, in Windows 10 pro, Windows 11, last updates, last gpu amd drivers, with the last Fanatec driver 450, and always same fail result, so i could think the fanatec hardware are working bad and i have to return all, but with all the other games works fine, only works bad with EA games, and i tryed with F1 2020 and with F1 22.

So please help me, before i have to return all this Fanatec Hardware.

Thanks to all of you.

Best Regards.


  • It is however very strange that CSL DD is recognized as DD Pro, even if they are practically identical, it shouldn't happen.

  • This has been the first thing I have checked, the clamp is well attached and there is no separation between the clamp and the axis, the center of the clamp is also well balanced, and I also use a low FFB 45%.

    Remember that I can play ACC, FH5, etc. for hours, without any problem, I only have errors in F1 2020, and in F1 22.

    So if it was that kind of mismatch that you see in the video, it wouldn't be able to play the rest of the games well either.

    In PC mode, the game F1 22, detects CSL DD as a GT DD PRO, in PC Compatible mode the game detects CSL DD as a CSW 2.5 in game.

    But thank you very much for your help.

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