Help With Fanatec Club Sport V2.5 Settings

I have been struggling for a long time with Iracing. Last night we run a 125 lap short track Costom Fixed Setup at Myrtle Beach LMSC with a comp caution at lap 40 I pitted and took Right tires by lap 100 car would hardly want to turn and lap 119 blew right front tire. Also Everyone jest drives away from me. I don't over turn the wheel more then 90' I don't under stand it, I do brake some going in to the turns. I know settings its a preference. But can some who run this Fanatec Club Sport V2.5 wheel tell me what they are running for settings. Any Suggestions would be appreciated.

Steering lock I have 1080

Force Feedback settings

Strength5.1 , Wheel Force 5.0nm,-- Smoothing 0% --Damping--20%--Min Force 30%

My Brake settings in Fanatec I dont use the Manual Calibration mode. I have the [BRF] Brake Force set at 70%

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