CSL DD (5 Nm) question

Hello, i am new here, but i got a weird question.

I received my CSL DD (5 Nm) bundle, it's amazing by the way i upgraded from Logitech G29.

But yesterday i forgot to turn off the base, and this morning my wheel felt... well weird.

all the sudden the strength of the wheel got increased because before i had 100% FFB in Dirt Rally 2.0 and it was a good feel, but today i can barely master the wheel, i've tried too remove the fanatec program with REVO and restarted the pc and re-installed fanatec program, did a profile reset, so far nothing works to bring it back to what it was, but the strenght is not the only issue, i also feel some kind of struggle inside the wheel, i really can feel the magnets as my past them by turning the wheel, i also did not have that before or atleast not this heavy.

In ETS2 and ATS my wheel swings from left to right and every swing is goes more crazy and faster and faster, i hope this is not a defect or something like that because losing the wheel/base would be terrible, not only won't i be able to do my hobby but i also make video's daily on Youtube at 4PM.

Any suggestions to what this could be, because i did a longest trip video on ETS2 it was 27500KM and everything felt nice and smooth, but today it's a complete new wheel to me, it feels like it went from (5 Nm) to (15 Nm) and i am saying that because now i have to really pull the wheel to take a turn so much that my wrist is getting tired.

I got the latest drivers and firmware, could this be a windows 11 bug ? did my drivers somehow got corrupted ?

Oh and by the way i got a other issue.... well not really a issue but when the base is on, and i type on my keyboard it would add extra letters or numbers and symbols, ever since i got it from day one, not too big of a deal but yet it's there :P

Thanks in advance.

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