Disastrous technical assistance

I have a V2.5 base, it's two years old and has had very little use. With the latest firmware update, it stopped working.

I contacted the technical support and explained the symptoms in detail. I even sent them several videos, but they insisted that the problem was with the base, not the firmware. I had no choice but to send it from Spain to Germany (costing around 50€). I received a message from the technical support stating that the base is in perfect condition and they cannot provide any solution.

So, I've been unable to use it for over two months, in addition to spending around 100€ on shipping. They have left me with a non-functional base and have not offered any solution.

All they have done is say "I'm sorry."

I believe this equipment is too expensive for such things to happen. They haven't even had the courtesy to cover the return shipping expenses.

A real disaster.


  • I assume you've tried reverting to the older firmware?

  • Hi Gregg, that's right. I asked for help and we started with the drivers. They gave me this forum so that I could find the ones I needed...

  • I'm curious to know how they are able to proclaim "the base is in perfect condition" when the customer is unable to use it at all. "Perfect condition" would imply that it is in *working* condition.

    If there is nothing they can do to get the base back to *working* condition, then they have misspoken as it clearly is not *perfect*.

  • Yeah, I find these things are worth a lot of money to treat your customers like that.

    There are bases and steering wheels from other brands that are much cheaper and I bought FANATEC thinking that I was buying the best.

    I am very sorry that I trusted them.

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