F1 23 initial settings

Series X

DD1/Formula V2/V3 pedals

driver 451


sensitvity: auto (seems to be fixed!)

ffb: 52

scale: Linear

NDP: 13

NFR: off

NIN: off

INT: 3

FEi: 80

BFR: 20 (personal taste)

in game:

steering rate: 102-105

feeback strength: 65

on track: 25-30

rumble strip: 20

off track: 12

wheek damper: 0

max rotation: 340

hope it helps, let me know if you find something better! Also I’ve had 15 incidents of the ffb dying (5 when the game idle for more than a minute and all other in TT hitting curbs or as a race starts. Tried moving to linear setting and still an issue at same rate. Share your settings please! Oh I’m AVSFAN96 on Xbox on the boards/lobbies.


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