CSL bundle

so i ordered the csl bundle on may 21. the date on my order page say june 12. it's now the 17th, with no update. what's going on? i sent in a ticket but haven't heard anything.


  • I order the same thing on the same day as you and haven’t heard anything back an watched it get pushed back three times already.I’m just trying to be patience. I tried reaching out two weeks ago through email and presently just started following these forums for some help an have yet to receive a message back from any fanatec associate. I see that others outside US have had better luck it seems or some people have managed to cancel/reorder and or have managed to receive their orders. Patience is the best option I think at this point. It sucks considering you pay for a sim setup that isn’t by any means beginner level equipment but I believe it’s going to be worth it when it arrives.

  • Order May 14, same

    I started a thread on here earlier today trying to get answers. There’s literally people who ordered May 29/30th that are getting their shipment notifications, in the US, for that bundle while there are others like us with older orders not being filled. I have it documented on my thread. I even have one guy on there that has been waiting since April.

    I had V3 pedals on mine which Dom got split shipping for me on since the wheel date kept changing. They arrived but my orders page still says preorder with no date. So I think the system thinks I am waiting on those and since Fanatec doesn’t ship separate they aren’t processing my wheel because they think I am still waiting on pedal preorder.

  • I did happen to see your thread earlier an the shipping process for the US doesn’t seem to make much sense honestly. I ordered the bundle strictly off it showing ready to ship that was at least the case on pedals, and wheel base but from navigating through my products and orders. The problem looks to be the steering wheel and it also showing sold out/no more units will be made for that wheel base idk if that’s some fanatec agreement with Sony or just a out of stock product that comes in the wheel base bundle. I travel for work so i want get use out of it but on holidays and in between jobs traveling. My order I hope is at my house in Louisiana by the fourth which is prob my next visit.

  • I haven't heard back yet either. Ordered the CSL bundle, payment cleared a week ago, no word!

  • I live in Canada, I've been waiting since April 18th.

  • my order page still says available june 12. anyone know how long it takes them to move your date back if that is what's happening?

  • The few times mine changed I think it changed the same day it was “due”. The main page would change and your order would reflect it. But mine as well as many others still say June 12 so no good answer for you on that.

  • I ordered May 10th, basically same as you CSL elite bundle with v3 pedals. Neither have shipped yet and I've received no word from Fanatec about it other than a response to my support request saying the order had been pushed back from May 15th to June 12th. Really disappointed to hear those who ordered later are getting their orders filled first.

    How did you get them to send your pedals separately? It would be nice to at least have something show up.

  • I messaged Dom directly on here. He replies to some of the comments, if you click his name you can send him a message. Domminic Brennan (hopefully I spelled it correctly)

    I originally had asked him about shipping separately because when I ordered I didnt know about the whole "we dont ship until everything is in" standard. I didnt want to get caught in an endless loop where when one thing is in, the other is out, then when that comes in , the first is out...etc etc. So he was able to get the pedals shipped.

    That being said, just be careful. My pedals still show on my order as open and preorder and the availability date disappeared. So now I am worried the system is going to recognize it as still in a preorder state and keep causing delays on the wheel because it thinks I am still waiting on pedal preorder. But who knows because I cant get answers on anything.

    Also, just as a heads up, Dom has been a lot slower to respond/respond at all. I am sure he is swamped and overwhelmed. When I first started talking to him a couple weeks ago it was individual responses and we had some good messages back and forth. I let him know how I/We appreciate him as he seems to be the only line of communication we can get right now. The last 2 messages I have gotten have been generic responses that other people have gotten as well and I still have an unanswered message out to him. So just keep that in mind if you do message him.

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